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Reginald McKnight's Bio:

I started writing acronyms in the; late summer of 1989 I was at a youth conference in my local church. I was an assistant watching a drama presentation. I noticed in particular the actors were wearing tee shirts with an acronym message. I was impressed with the performance but the message on tee shirts stood out. Upon riding to my home with the youth department leaders we were talking about the service. I told them I enjoyed the service and I loved the tee shirts. Then it came upon me to compose an acronym out of the blue during the ride. The youth leaders loved it and that was the start of my talent of writing and composing acronyms. Over the next several years I kept writing and sharing them with church members, I was encouraged by my pastor to keep writing. One of the youth leaders told me that I should make money with my talent. I never forgot that. My wife had some sweatshirts made with a quote that were sold out. We were impressed. I was listening one day to one of our local sports radio stations. They were having a contest where they were giving away a satellite tv package with free installation of the equipment. They wanted the audience to fax to them why they should win in so many words. I knew in my head I could come up with the perfect pitch. I composed acronyms based on sports themes and topics and some creative artwork. So I got busy and I faxed my content in to them. About a week later on Saturday I called home to check on things from a weekend assignment from work. I was told that I won the contest and I shouted out in toy after that. The next week on Monday I was listening to the station where they were talking about the contest winner, of course The sports show host sad. I “never seen anything like it” in reference to my submission. I have kept writing to this day.

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